Help Pages - Introduction

Defero Eggdrop Telnet Client (screenshot below) is a method of getting on the party line of an Eggdrop bot. Much like using 'Putty' or similar software to Telnet to your bot, except Defero has some significant advantages.

Once you have entered a connection string optionally including your username and password, Defero saves the connection data and can connect automatically. You need never manually login again. The software permits multiple simultaneous connections (max 5) on a tab page style layout. Alternatively, switching between one or more connections on the same tab page is fast and easy. You don't even have to disconnect. Simply choose another connection from the Telnet Connection Manager. The client will confirm if you wish to disconnect from one bot and reconnect to another on the active tab page.

Additionally many common Eggdrop commands are available via button drop down menu items. It is anticipated that these will be enhanced in future releases.

The goal is to elevate this means of connection to a higher level of convenience than the broadly accepted /DCC chat <botnick> and /CTCP <botnick> chat methods of getting on the Eggdrop's party line from your IRC client.

Note that the client is unsuitable for general Telnet connections. It is specifically built for Eggdrop bots.

Get the latest version of Defero Eggdrop Telnet Client from the Download page on this site.

Defero has been tested with Eggdrop versions 1.6.17 through 1.6.21 plus a recent snapshot of 1.8.0. It has also been tested with all the available Eggdrop languages, at the time of writing Danish, English, Finnish, French and German.

Note that Defero includes an Ident server listening on the usual port 113. If you have a direct Internet connection from your computer then the Ident server will respond as normal, providing you are not blocking the port with your firewall. If you have a router then you will probably need to direct traffic on port 113 to the internal LAN address of the computer from which you are using Defero. Once a connection is established, the Ident server listens for incoming Ident requests for 5 seconds only.

Your bot's configuration file includes a setting to reduce the wait for an Ident timeout as follows.
# This settings defines a time in seconds that the bot should wait before
# a dcc chat, telnet, or relay connection times out.
set ident-timeout 5

This can be edited only if you have access to the configuration file. Normally, after this wait an Ident request timeout occurs on the Eggdrop and the connection is established anyway. The Ident server in Defero is there to respond to the request and connect immediately.

The screenshot below with the console scrolled up to see connection messages, shows the response to an Ident request.

Note that the above screen shot displays the Lock/Unlock button with the image showing the locked position. This simply prevents subsequent messages from the bot scrolling the Console Area to caret. In this case I needed to retain the view while I took the screenshot. Generally it would be used to allow you to view previous information at length without it suddenly disappearing from view as more data comes over the client socket.