Help Pages - Edit Connection

Highlight the Connection Name in the drop down list on Connection Manager form then click the Edit button to open the Edit Connection form displaying the associated connection details, as per the screenshot below.

Had you clicked the Edit button with No connections defined in Connection Manager then an error message is displayed as follows.

Had you clicked the Edit button from Connection Manager with the highlighted Connection Name already connected on any tab page, then an error message is displayed as follows.

Note that the Connection Name field in Edit Connection is disabled. You cannot edit Connection Name. The only available option here, should you want a different Connection Name, is to delete the record from Connection Manager and create a New Connection.

The same rules apply regarding validation of the other fields of information as was the case with New Connection. When you completed data entry, click the Save button to invoke the changes. An error dialog will occur if you have not made any changes, as follows.

If you click the Cancel button from Edit Connection then the form closes without making any changes.