FAQ Pages - Dropped Connection

On some occasions, albeit uncommon, the connection to your bot may appear idle. It is possible that the connection has been dropped but the client socket in Defero is not aware of it. You can see from the screenshot below that the console channel status log is displayed every 5 minutes, then ceases. Only after issuing a command, in this case to return the shell date/time, will the client socket eventually recognise that the connection has died and Defero interface indicate that it has disconnected.

Note the [10053] Software caused connection abort error. I have one Eggdrop on one shell that does this regulary (but not consistently) and several Eggdrops on alternative shells that do not exhibit this behavious at all. So far, I have not been able to attribute the behaviour to anything specific though it does seem to concern the shell. I am loath to attempt a solution by utilising keep alive packets, since they can cause more problems than they resolve. Unfortunately, should this occur, you will have to reconnect.