This is a list of all of Ben's IRC relay channels and their network Locations.  Yes, I know this web page looks lazy and crappy, even by the standards of 1994, and no, I don't care.  It's intended to be informational and that's about it.  Were it not for the requirement of TLS and SNI, this web page would likely support Internet Exploder 3.0.  Either way, I did just mostly throw this together, simply because this isn't otherwise documented anywhere.

IRC Network Locations

     This is a list of all the IRC networks where relay channel endpoints exist.  It's recommended to use ChatLounge, the primary network which also happens to be mine.  However, these other channels are included for user convenience.

ChatLounge IRC Network      The ChatLounge IRC Network was started by Ben back in November 2012.  The relay channels are also S2S links, which means there's a list of pseudo-users that represent users at other relay endpoints.  The relay is also not subject to lag limitations, which may result in better performance.