I'm really looking forward to getting a dmca complaint from martin and petr about this. They called a friend of mine who was also hosting the photos and threatened him with a dmca. He's still waiting for it.

The IMG* photos were taken by myself when i was sent in to do work for a friend of mine who colos a server at fdc. The others were taken by a friend of mine who shall remain anonymous.

These images are my own property, and may be reposted anywhere you'd like, redistribution is highly encouraged.

Also, most switches within fdc are unmanaged, and most everything is on the same vlan. I once purchased a server from fdc to test out a theory I had, and was able to arp an entire /24 by simply adjusting the network configuration in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/. Hint: ifcfg-eth0-range0.

The datacenter is a very clear firehazard. I've heard first-hand accounts from ex-employees of fdc about the power management of the facility. Eventually someone will report this to the chicago fire department, but i'd rather not get involved. Additionally, the maintainers of the chicago board of trade building they are located in are mostly unaware of the power management situation.